Terms and Conditions

For those who place orders on the website, you agree to the following:

  1. You give the Queer Comics Peddler reasonable time to ship the products. I will ship the week of your order, on Friday or Saturday.
    • Exceptions: I reserve the right to delay shipping by up to two weeks if I am sick, there is death in the family, or there is a calamity of some manner.
    • You, the customer, should expect an update if shipping will be delayed.
  2. Pre-orders:
    • The books will ship the week they are released. I will email all pre-order customers with a status that the pre-order has arrived.
    • If you choose to pick up the book during a pop-up, respond to my status update with the date you choose. I will ensure I have your copy on hand on that date.
  3. As online sales are a WIP, you will not have a tracking number unless you request one
  4. I can be reached via email at Amara@QueerComicsPeddler.com with any concerns.