Can I Pet Your Werewolf


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Can I Pet Your Werewolf? is a light-hearted anthology featuring tales of friendship, family, and romance shared between those who get hairy under a full moon. Just because they have sharp teeth and claws doesn’t mean they have to be a monster out for blood. It is organized by Kel McDonald (Sorcery 101 and Misfits of Avalon) and co-edited by Kel McDonald and Molly Muldoon.

Contains stories by:

Kel McDonald & Molly Muldoon – Wolfing Lessons
Alina Pete – Moontime
Aud Koch – Cyclical
Kendra Wells – Mooning Problem
Mariah McCourt & Aliz Fern├índez – Guardians of El
Meredith McClaren – Werewolf x Boyfriend
Monica Gallagher – All’s Hairy in Love
Rashad Doucet – Timewolf
Rhiannon Rasmussen-Silverstein & Cat Farris & Melanie Ujimori – Aloha Moon
Seanan McGuire & Caitlin Like – Animal Lovers Only
Shauna Grant – My Cute Girl
Sophie Goldstein – First Moon
Zach Lehner – In The Hand of Fate
Melanie Ujimori – Cover Artist


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