Heartwood: Non-Binary Tales of Sylvan Fantasy


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HEARTWOOD: Non-binary Tales of Sylvan Fantasy is the first ever non-binary comics anthology, made entirely by cartoonists who identify as a non-binary gender! The book is 250+ pages long, B&W interior, and features 21 young-adult stories.

Across time and cultures, humanity has spun tales about the forest: tales of caution, adventure, rites of passage, and discovery. Some of those stories persist as the folklore and fairy tales that delight our imaginations today, and the forest remains a symbol for facing the unknown and emerging transformed.

This anthology is for everyone who’s walked through the undergrowth, in the silence of nature, and longed for an adventure of their own to unfold. These stories of modern-day sylvan fantasy showcase some of the best non-binary cartoonists of our day, guiding characters like us into the woods and back again.

A.B.V. and Orion • Annabelle H. • Ashanti Fortson • Brian Wolf • Chlove • Cori Walters • Diigii Daguna • Emily Madly and Maria Li • Ezra Rose and Jey Barnes • Joamette Gil (editor) and Corey Ranson • Juliette G.M.M. Lopez • Mar Julia • Polly Guo • Raven “raveyrai” White • Rhiannon Rasmussen and Chan Chau • Rii Abrego • S.J. Miller • Sunmi • Sunny Ôchumuk and Shaina Lu with Vivian Ho • Ver • Xanthe Bouma • Z. Akhmetova • Eli Baum (cover) and Viv Tanner (cover)

Amara note: This book is gorgeous. One of my favorites from this press.

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