Power & Magic: The Queer Witch Anthology Vol. 2


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POWER & MAGIC VOLUME 2 has been lovingly created by 26 creators of color, all women or woman-aligned and all extraordinary:

Ahmara Smith ☆ Alexis Cooke ☆ Arby Essex ☆ Bex Glendining ☆ Che Grayson & Steenz ☆ Cynthia Yuan Cheng ☆ Dominique Evans ☆ Fanfi & Mafe Balmaceda ☆ Grace Teoh ☆ JesnCin (Jessica Wibowo & Jacinta Wibowo) ☆ Joamette Gil & Rose Bousamra ☆ Juliette GMM López ☆ Kimberly Wang ☆ Lorena Reyes ☆ Myisha Haynes ☆ Nicole Miles ☆ Shivana Sookdeo ☆ Wendy Xu ☆ Yash Kesanakurthy & Annalise Jensen ☆ Yeon Kyung Charlotte Cha & Ciel Bahena ☆ Ashe Samuels (cover).

The witch is a symbol of power for women across the world. She represents defiance, transcendence, healing, feminine monstrosity, and connection with the natural and supernatural worlds. From her wands and flora, to her bonds of kinship, POWER & MAGIC VOLUME 2 explores what gives each witch her power and how she’ll choose to use it.

POWER & MAGIC: The Queer Witch Comics Anthology Series is back for a second volume of Young Adult fantasy comics starring queer witches of color! This is a 200+ page, black-and-white, softcover anthology.

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